Monday, January 25, 2010

New Logo

Tanya Shum and Hannah Lin took it upon themselves to create a board—see it on Flickr—in the hallway at our school with profiles of all of the Prince of Wales student reporters, seeing as ten of the twenty-four members of Students Live are from our school.

I was required to submit an image and wanting to be relevant, I created a new image on Photoshop specifically for Students Live. I cut my head out and pasted it onto a picture of a figure skater, then I pasted that over a natural ice rink and threw some other things in. At first, I tried to match the skin colour of my face and the body; obviously, I did not continue. I added a sea otter and then tried to think of the most random thing that I could add to the image, which was a plate of crumpets, which are a British bread product. I also added an asteroid to fill the sky; this might be something of a throwback to all of the times that I did this as a youngster obsessed with dinosaurs. Enjoy.


Richelle said...

So we finally have an explanation to this ..absurdity.
Haha, good job though!

Students Live - Admin said...

I'm not sure if I should be laughing or crying!